RED ROOM - Piece by Sigge Modigh - Presented in October 6th, 2018 at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin
The Piece created by Sigge Modigh shows nine strangers trapped in a room without knowing why. These people, from different backgrounds, are stranded together. What happens in this room with these nine people is Portrayed on this amazing almost one-hour piece created by the Swedish Choreographer Sigge Modigh.

Sigge Modigh started the "Can I Do This?" company in 2012. Since then the company has produced seven larger productions. The Swedish Choreographer's work has been performed in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, and Germany. In 2013 Swedish Television commissioned Sigge to create the short film, Black Swan. In 2014 Sigge also created the farewell performance for Swedish Dancer of the court Jan-Erik Wikström, at the museum of dance in Stockholm.
Other notable works include choreography for Leonard Bernstein's Mass at Oscar church in Stockholm, and directing Sunset Boulevard and Addams Familly the musical at Varberg Teater. Sigge is frequently teaching both companies and Schools. Credits include Royal Swedish Ballet School, Dansehallerne/Danish Dance Theatre, RTV Dance Company, Gothenburg Opera, Architanz Tokyo and Base23. Sigge was trained at the Gothenburg Ballet Academy and graduated 2002. After graduation he worked at Östre Gasvaerk Theatre, Björn Elisson Company, Oslo Dance Ensemble and for five years with Art of Spectra/Peter Svenzon. He also performed in musicals like West Side Story and Cabaret.
DANCEWORKS berlin is a School focused on a Performance based education, where the students get the opportunity of working in a company based schedule and with known international choreographers.




DANCEWORKS berlin was founded on May 6th 1986 under the name of the Association for the Advancement of Modern Dance. Quickly, DANCEWORKS managed to establish itself as an educational institution for highly qualified and professional dancers. During the years the school grew to become the oldest dance education institution in Berlin, was officially recognized by the Land Berlin as a vocational school and entered the school register. In 2016, DANCEWORKS celebrated its 30th anniversary.


The continuous work of representatives, from the area of classical, modern and contemporary dance as well as from the educational area have contributed and guaranteed the success of DANCEWORKS, which has facilitated the offering of an interdisciplinary education programme. Through the provision of a wide spectrum of disciplines, our dance students are equipped with versatile experience, applicable in various fields and are thereby enabled to pave their individual way to the practice of their chosen profession.


In alignment with the developments in the cultural sector over the last years, particularly in the field of dance, DANCEWORKS has increasingly specialized in the education of contemporary dancers. Consequently, the practical and theoretical teaching content in both the three-year education programme and the therewith connected pre-education programme "Tanz als Beruf" ("Dance as Profession") have been structured so that students, immediately upon graduation, will have achieved the necessary level of maturity to be employed by state theaters and independent dance companies.


Since September 2016, Lars Anderstam as the new director of the school, continues to lead DANCEWORKS in line with its longstanding tradition and innovative input. With his expansive experience as a school director in the field of public and private education, he focuses on the students and on facilitating their artistic development through on the one hand, dance technique, and on the other, practical work with established choreographers, as to ensure that the goal of 'being on stage' is achieved.


You are welcome to visit us anytime, whether it be to watch our performances, to participate in our auditions or just for some information on our work. We would like to particularly extend an invitation to those who are interested in completing a professional dance education and who thereby would like to share our love and passion for dance and various creative forms of development and expression.


©Julian Lück | Giuliana Kolling