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Our post-graduate programs

We would like to accompany you on your way once you have completed your artistic vocational training. We offer two different programs for this:

"Artistic Study" and "Kinetic Kaleidoscope"

You can find all details, objectives and application deadlines here.

Verschwommenes Bild des Tänzers

Artistic Study

If you have already completed artistic training (e.g. acting or singing) and now want to deepen your dancing skills, or if you successfully finished a dance education and wants to gain more input and inspiration, the postgraduate program 'Artistic study' is made for you!  

The timetable is customized and follows a 'pick and select' system - depending on your goals and experience.

We help you to put together your own timetable by choosing classes from the training (or pre-training) that correspond to your previous knowledge and needs.

This program is therefore also suitable for part-time work, since you can decide whether you choose 6 or 8 classes per week and which days are favorable for you.

Next program start: by appointment

Length of time: 10-12 months 

Costs: 250€ - 300€ per month

To apply for this program, please email us with your goals and expectations and we will arrange an individual appointment. Please also prepare a short solo so that we can assess your previous dancing knowledge. We look forward to meeting you!

Artistic Study Post-graduierten Programm
Kinetic Kaleidoscope Post-graduierten Programm

Kinetic Kaleidoscope

The light that falls into a kaleidoscope is life, the colours and geometric shapes that emerge from it are a person's personality, soul and essence, in which lies beauty. Patterns and sequences that are constantly changing symbolise the art of creation and the power of the elements.

Our 'Kinetic Kaleidoscope' post-graduate programme bridges the gap between education and professional life as an artist.

Over a period of 4 months you will rehearse intensively with renowned choreographers and create full-length pieces.

With this programme you will gain important stage experience, strengthen your artistic personality and come into contact with the international dance scene.

All details about the next start, audition date and rehearsal phase will be announced here. 

If you have general questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Many thanks!

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