Lars Anderstam

Lars Anderstam was born in 1965 in Sweden and was trained as a professional dancer at The Royal Swedish Ballet School. Lars gained his teachers diploma and advanced choreographic Studies at National College of Dance and studies of Dance Science at the University of Stockholm. His career as a dancer in various European dance companies with famous choreographers and different styles early shaped his great interest to operate within dance training and education.

His credits as an artistic director include the Ballet Academy of Gothenburg, Sweden, and the position as Dean of the National College of Ballet and Dance in Oslo. In Norway he was actively involved in the development of national educational program for dancers, dance teachers and choreographers. In Germany held the position as rehearsal director and artistic assistant at tanzmainz.

Since September 2016 Lars passionately engages as educational and artistic director at DANCEWORKS berlin with the aim to place students' personal development at the centre of the education, to develop and create modern stage personalities who are not only able to meet the technical and artistic challenges of todays modern and diverse landscape of dance, but who are capable to convey it.