Well done!!

Our Audition on the 30.05.20 in Berlin was very successful!! We thank everyone for coming and we will see some of you starting the education in October! 

The next Audition is on July 4th!

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As our Easter Intensive 2020 could not happen, we are very happy to dance together in our Summer Intensive 2020!!

A great opportunity to train with our main teachers in our extraordinary studios.


Three classes a day 10:00 am – 03:15 pm

Contemporary dance with Stella Zannou 29.06. + 30.07.

Contemporary dance with Christina Mertzani 01.07. - 03.07.

Modern Graham with Esther Cowens

Ballet with Miguel Cartagena

Easter Special 2020

14th - 17th April

A great opportunity to train with our main lecturers in our unique studios.

Three lessons per day, 10:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.

- Contemporary dance with Nadine Freisleben

- Modern Graham with Esther Cowens

- Ballet with Miguel Cartagena


Unfortunately we have to postpone our Easter Special until summer (SUMMER INTENSIVE).

29/06/20 - 03/07/20
160 €

To register click here!

We look forward to see you!

Studio performances


On 31/01/20 + 01/02/20 we had our yearly Winter-Studio-Showings!!

Our students performed pieces from our teachers as well as their own compositions. Both evenings were completely sold out and a big success!


The performative skills are a big focus in our education at DANCEWORKS berlin and therefor it is always a pleasure to get the opportunity to share our process!

RED ROOM - Piece by Sigge Modigh - Presented in October 6th, 2018 at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin


Next Performance: September 26th in Theaterforum Kreuzberg.


The Piece created by Sigge Modigh shows nine strangers trapped in a room without knowing why. These people, from different backgrounds, are stranded together. What happens in this room with these nine people is Portrayed on this amazing almost one-hour piece created by the Swedish Choreographer Sigge Modigh.

Sigge Modigh started the "Can I Do This?" company in 2012. Since then the company has produced seven larger productions. The Swedish Choreographer's work has been performed in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, and Germany. In 2013 Swedish Television commissioned Sigge to create the short film, Black Swan. In 2014 Sigge also created the farewell performance for Swedish Dancer of the court Jan-Erik Wikström, at the museum of dance in Stockholm.
Other notable works include choreography for Leonard Bernstein's Mass at Oscar church in Stockholm, and directing Sunset Boulevard and Addams Familly the musical at Varberg Teater. Sigge is frequently teaching both companies and Schools. Credits include Royal Swedish Ballet School, Dansehallerne/Danish Dance Theatre, RTV Dance Company, Gothenburg Opera, Architanz Tokyo and Base23. Sigge was trained at the Gothenburg Ballet Academy and graduated 2002. After graduation he worked at Östre Gasvaerk Theatre, Björn Elisson Company, Oslo Dance Ensemble and for five years with Art of Spectra/Peter Svenzon. He also performed in musicals like West Side Story and Cabaret.
DANCEWORKS berlin is a School focused on a Performance based education, where the students get the opportunity of working in a company based schedule and with known international choreographers.


September 2019
Our TAB Groups have already started their 5-month journey this week, and we are looking forward to see these beautiful dancers growing and learning! The next TABs will start in February and the registration is already open! 

Red Room in Theaterforum Kreuzberg

We are thrilled to announce that Red Room, by Sigge Modigh, will be shown again in Theaterforum Kreuzberg on one single performance 26th of September! Red Room is a dance drama created for our Excellence Class in 2018, which tells a story about a group of strangers who ends up stranded in a room, without knowing anything about each other or the reason they are there. This is the final performance of our 3rd year's students. For tickets and infos on the Venue:

August, 2019

Watch the interview about the classes taught in July by our beautiful student Aseel Qupty and former student Roosa Nirhamo in Al Amal Dance School, in Nazareth. Both taugh a 2 week intensive course and put together a performance project for the students.
Link to the full interview on Facebook:
Now, the Al Amal students come to Berlin to have 2 weeks with our amazing teachers, in DANCEWORKS studios (Miguel Cartagena, Esther Cowens, Nadine Freisleben, Davide di Pretoro and Dominik Feistmantl. Such an amazing exchange! Welcome to Berlin!

July, 2019

This month, we had an amazing collaboration with the Hollins University Master Program, the M.F.A. in Dance, where they had their summer intensive courses in our beautiful studios and offered our students a few spots to join those courses! All of it was free of charge for the DANCEWORKS students, who had the chance to train with great and renowned teachers from the USA and also from Europe! Stella Zannou, Hannes Langolf are among the workshop's names! Each teacher had 1 week to explore and feedback the students, and the result was incredible! Thank you so much, Jeffery N. Bullock, for this amazing opportunity!

RE:ACT - 2019 - Performance of the graduation pieces from our Third Year's students

June, 2019

During RE:ACT, the showing of our 3rd years' pieces, we had the honour to have with us Jörg Mannes, from the Staatsoper Hannover to evaluate all the choreographic works of our 3rd years! 

Also joined the exams, Tim Rushton, the British Artistic Director and choreographer of the Danish Dance Theater! Thank you very much, Jörg and Tim, and it was a pleasure to have you at DANCEWORKS berlin!

May 10th, 2019

Interview with our first year Student, Thea Malfertheiner

One of our most dedicated students, Thea, 23 years old, is on our 1st year. Her story is very interesting, as she took the TAB course for 3 times, and then decided to join our 3 years dance education, as she felt super prepared to start her studies. We had a very nice chat with this great student:


Q: So you came from South Tyrol to Berlin! Can you tell us more about you, your age, what kind of dancing you like the most, and what was your main goal when you came and how did you get into studying dance?

A: Yes, I’m 23 years old and come from a very small village in the mountains of northern Italy. Unfortunately dancing is not a very common thing there. When I was a child I always wanted to dance, but my parents didn’t have the time and money to bring me to a dance school in the nearest city. So I was dancing around in my bedroom instead, or creating little choreographies with my friends for fun.
When I was 20, I was travelling by myself, because I was not sure what to do with my future. During my travels I got to see many different little dance performances in different countries and locations. Every time when I saw those people dance, I was touched by it in my heart and sometimes even moved to tears. I felt, that this dream to dance was still very strong inside me. So I was on a 22 hour bus ride in the middle of nowhere and had a lot of time to think about my dreams and future. I wrote down all my thoughts in my diary and that is when I decided that I really wanted to start dancing. Two weeks later I was in Sri Lanka, searching on the internet for dance programs where I could dance every day, without having to audition. That is how I found the TAB course in DANCEWORKS berlin. And 2 months later I was here taking my very first dance class in the TAB program at the age of 21. The kind of dance I enjoy the most is contemporary dance. When I started I didn’t think that it would be possible for someone starting that late, to ever get into a professional dance education. So my main goal was to finally give myself a chance to follow my passion.

Q: Wow, this is impressive! You have done the TAB for 3 times before getting in our first year Ausbildung. That is hard work and persistence! Can you maybe tell us what it felt like, how did that help you and how do you see yourself now, compared to when you started your TAB journey?

A: After the first term of the TAB program, to stop dancing was not an option for me. Even though I was working 8 hours a day, I renounced my lunch break in order to come to the studios in time. It just made me so happy every day and I could not imagine to give up.
So I continued with the TAB and in the end I made it to train with a more advanced group. At that point my teachers encouraged me a lot to keep going and to audition for the full time professional education, which went well. In the pre education I gained the basics that are necessary to continue. During TAB I noticed, that for some dancers in my class it was more about dancing as a hobby, now as I’m in the full time education, the students are more focused and ambitious, and so am I. Still now, it is hard for me to keep up with my classmates, who mostly have more experience in dance. But I have already learned so much and I am very thankful for all the support that comes from the teachers and other students.

Q: Certainly you are very dedicated and a strong dancer, as we have noticed on your work daily on the studios. Anyways, what is your plan for the next 2,5 years of dance education in Danceworks?

A: Throughout this education I want to work hard and pull out the best dancer I can find inside myself. It will take a lot of dedication, patience and emotional strength, but I know that it’s worth the work. Already now, I reached a point, where I never thought I could be. And of course I did not come this far to only come this far. This is a chapter of my life, that just feels really good and makes me happy every day. So my plan is, to keep on working on this new me and turn myself into a confident and proud dancer.


We wish Thea all the best and we are proud to have her among our students!

The New TAB starts in September, and you can already apply here:


May 5th, 2019
Congratulations on the Performance for our 3rd years' students, performing "About Time", in TIPI Am Kanzleramt, in Berlin, for Babylon Europa!

On last Sunday, May 5th, our beautiful dancers performed in this great event for a massive audience, and it was a blast! The piece, named About Time, was created by our third years' students, facilitated by the Composition Docent Anna-Lise Hearn, with costumes by the fashion designer Selina Hirsch, and performed by Aseel Qupty, Frederikke Schultz, Giuliana Corsi, Jacob Borchert, Julia Köster and Kyra Van Biljon. Well Done!

April 2019


Graduated in 2018 in Danceworks Berlin

Photo: Olga Kuzminskaya


Q: How was it for you to get the job offer in Munster Theater immediately as you graduated? How do you see it now and what is the future looking like for you, in the company?


A: I was lucky to be invited for a private audition, so I didn't have the pressure of trying to draw the attention. I took the company class in the morning, which was classical training.
Afterwards I joined the rehearsal and one of the company members taught me an excerpt from a solo, which I then had to perform as well as adding some personal improvisation to it.
Now, that I've been in the company for some time I think it had a great impact on my dancing. Being surrounded by so many experienced and talented dancers from all over the world is giving me so much inspiration to approach dance in a new and different way. I'm very lucky to announce that I was offered a beginners contract with the company, so I will be dancing with the company full-time for 6 months starting in the end of October this year.


Q: That is amazing! Congratulations! And how is the training routine for your job, how different is it from when you were a student?


A: The training is as follows: In the morning we have company class, afterwards we go straight to rehearsals. Depending on how involved you are in the rehearsal of that day, you could have a short day and be home early, other days you will stay in the studio for 8 hours. The biggest difference to my dance training is, the morning class is supposed to be a warm-up for the rest of the day, as well as an opportunity to continuously work on your technique and improve as a dancer. The rehearsals afterwards are all about the artistic process of learning a new piece and bringing it on stage.


Q: Seems exciting. And what are your plans for the future?


A: My plans for the future are to keep on improving, gathering as much experience as possible and grow, through working with different choreographers.


We, from Danceworks, wish Gian the best and a lot of sucess on his career!

Open Studios II - Performances from January 2019

January 31st and February 1st, 2019

We Open our studios for an informal showing of our work so far! Tickets are soon to be sold out!











Photo credit slider © Olga Kuzminskaya

October 2018

We are very happy and honoured to have had the renowned choreographer Jan Pusch to evaluate our performance of RED ROOM, at the Nordic Embassies, and evaluate our Excellence Class Students, who were cast for this very intense work by Sigge Modigh. The work of Jan Pusch can be seen here:



On October 6th, we presented to you the performance of Red Room - A Claustrophobic Drama, in the Nordic Embassies, in Berlin. Congratulations to our Excellence Class Students, who worked hard for over 6 weeks on this amazing piece by the great Choreographer Sigge Modigh.

Photo credit: Olga Kuzminskaya

March 8th 2018

Open Showing of "900 Minuten"


Choreography: Mata Sakka, Teacher of Danceworks and dancer with Sasha Waltz & Guests.

Dancers: 1st Years' Students of the 3 year dance education in DANCEWORKS berlin


Place: DANCEWORKS berlin, Oudenarder Straße 16-20, 2. Etage, 13347 Berlin


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